High speed prevents rollers in the full roller bearing

In order to adapt to this demand, the high-load capacity cylindrical roller bearing (as shown in Figure 1), since the rolling body diaphragm is used instead of the holder, so that the rotational performance does not increase the load capacity, the rated life has reached the original product 1. 3, operability Even if the inner ring does not cause the roller to fall off, the inner ring and outer ring assembly can be installed, respectively, and can be easier China tensioner bearing kit to install the machine. .

The structure of new products and original products compares through new products and original product performance comparison, the high-load capacity cylindrical roller bearings of new products have the following advantages: 1, long life, sizes and The number is best, increases the load capacity, and the bearing rated life is 1.

And on the insulation of each other, since the tension generated by the roller clutch diffusion does not work, the thickness can be thinned, thereby increasing the size and number of rollers.The wind turbine speed machine is installed on a high place, and it is difficult to maintain maintenance, so the life and reliability of the bearing of the speedometer are high.5 times the rated life of the bearing with the non-changing bearing of the original dimension.

High speed prevents rollers in the full roller bearing, preferably to optimize the shape and guidance method of the spacer, to achieve the same allowable rotation speed and scratch with the bearing with the holder Injury. In recent years, wind turbines have become larger and larger, in order to reduce the load of tower, trying to make the generator cabin small and light weight, so the demand for bearings with high load capacity is further increased.

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