The type of different shapes of the correlation bearing sealing ring

YX-well retaining ring product use: This standard is suitable for use in the use of YX seals when the cylinder working pressure is greater than 16 MPa, or when the cylinder is eccentric, the effect of protecting the seal.The V-type seal is typically installed in the groove of the outer or inner circle as a tummer. .

Hole with YX seal product use: used to reciprocate the seal of the piston in the hydraulic cylinder. In order to protect the effect of dust-proof, the bearings often see different bearing seals on different bearings, such that components can make the bearings to obtain good sealing effects, indirectly protect the use of the bearings and life.

Therefore, the type of different shapes of the correlation bearing sealing ring and the targeted role are given to you. The use of YX-type retaining ring products: This standard is suitable for use in the use of YX type seals when the cylinder working pressure is greater than 16 MPa, or when the cylinder is eccentric, the effect of protecting the seal.

A bearing seal, a bearing seal, in particular a ball bearing seal, a ball bearing sealing ring that extends two rounded projections over one end surface of the circle shape, the diameter smaller non-standard bearing factory The inner diameter of the projection is fitted to the outer diameter of the inner ring of the ball bearing, the diameter of the raised bumps cooperate with the bearing outer diameter of the ball bearing; the inner hole diameter of the seal is not smaller than the ball bearing inner ring Inner aperture.

O-type rubber seal product use: This standard O-type rubber seal is suitable for hydraulic aerodynamic systems and various mechanical equipment and components, in the specified pressure, temperature, and different liquids and gas media, still or Sealed effects in motion.Widely used in the bearing. Different types and effects of the bearing seal, the V-type seal is an axially active elastic rubber sealing ring for a shaft pressureless seal. The Y-type seal is widely used in a replicating sealing device

High speed prevents rollers in the full roller bearing

In order to adapt to this demand, the high-load capacity cylindrical roller bearing (as shown in Figure 1), since the rolling body diaphragm is used instead of the holder, so that the rotational performance does not increase the load capacity, the rated life has reached the original product 1. 3, operability Even if the inner ring does not cause the roller to fall off, the inner ring and outer ring assembly can be installed, respectively, and can be easier China tensioner bearing kit to install the machine. .

The structure of new products and original products compares through new products and original product performance comparison, the high-load capacity cylindrical roller bearings of new products have the following advantages: 1, long life, sizes and The number is best, increases the load capacity, and the bearing rated life is 1.

And on the insulation of each other, since the tension generated by the roller clutch diffusion does not work, the thickness can be thinned, thereby increasing the size and number of rollers.The wind turbine speed machine is installed on a high place, and it is difficult to maintain maintenance, so the life and reliability of the bearing of the speedometer are high.5 times the rated life of the bearing with the non-changing bearing of the original dimension.

High speed prevents rollers in the full roller bearing, preferably to optimize the shape and guidance method of the spacer, to achieve the same allowable rotation speed and scratch with the bearing with the holder Injury. In recent years, wind turbines have become larger and larger, in order to reduce the load of tower, trying to make the generator cabin small and light weight, so the demand for bearings with high load capacity is further increased.

The two rows of rollers in the bearing are arranged in a crossed manner

They are held by a seat ring with lubricating oil holes, two shaft washers, a spacer ring and two sets of steel balls.1. Deep groove ball bearings This type of bearing is generally only used to bear radial load. Cylindrical bore bearings are usually hot-mounted to reduce the bearing clearance by using interference fit, or to achieve the purpose of preloading.

As a new structure, it is currently mostly used for spindles such as grinding machines, lathes, boring machines, milling machines, drilling machines, etc. Choosing a suitable spacer height can make the bearing have the required preload after assembly. Above, it is often combined with double row cylindrical roller bearings in use.

For NNU49 series bearings with a separable inner ring, the raceway is generally processed after the inner ring is equipped with a spindle to obtain high spindle rotation accuracy. However, the manufacturing process of this kind of bearing is complicated, and the requirements for the lubrication system of the machine tool are also high, and it is generally only used on the horizontal spindle with special requirements.

Tapered roller bearings can bear radial and axial loads at the same time,Wholesale bearing mechanical and double-row tapered roller bearings can bear two-way axial loads. Hollow tapered roller bearings can use oil to cool the rollers to reduce the temperature rise and increase the allowable speed.

Since the clearance is not adjustable, it is often used in occasions that require low precision and do not need preload, such as ordinary drilling machine spindles., and the rigidity of the main shaft can be improved by pre-tensioning. The two rows of rollers in the bearing are arranged in a crossed manner, the fluctuation frequency during rotation can be doubled compared with the single row bearing, and the amplitude is reduced by 70%. 

The temperature difference between the inner and outer rings is large

When the shaft is moved with a crowbar to make the shaft in two extreme positions, the difference between the dial indicator readings is the axial clearance of the bearing. The size of the clearance (called the working clearance) during operation has an impact on Wholesale roller bearing manufacturers the bearing's rolling fatigue life, temperature rise, noise, vibration and other properties. 2. The matching of the outer ring of the bearing and the housing hole.

When the rotation accuracy is high or the axial displacement needs to be strictly limited, a small clearance group should be used. The operation method is the same as the method for checking radial clearance with a plug, but the axial clearance should be c=λ/(2sinβ) where c——axial clearance, mm; λ——thickness of feeler gauge, mm; β——bearing cone angle, (°). Note: The reduction in radial clearance is related to the actual effective interference of the matching parts, the matching shaft diameter, and the wall thickness of the housing hole.

However, the force applied to the crowbar cannot be too large, otherwise the shell will be elastically deformed, even if the deformation is small, it will affect the accuracy of the measured axial clearance. The bearing clearance standard is not regulated by the country and depends on the use situation: it is still a very complicated problem, which is briefly described as follows: A. This method is used when the shaft end is exposed.

Bearing clearance is also called bearing clearance. When the shaft end is closed or cannot be checked with your fingers for other reasons, you can check whether the shaft rotates flexibly. Check with a dial indicator.. A tighter fit is adopted, the temperature difference between the inner and outer rings is large, and the friction torque needs to be reduced. According to the direction of movement, it can be divided into radial clearance and axial clearance

It can effectively prolong the service life of the bearing

ACD-The contact angle is 25 degrees. B-The contact angle is 40 degrees. CC——The contact angle is 12 degrees. CD-The contact angle is 15 degrees. BE-BE type bearing with a contact angle of 40 degrees, with enlarged steel balls, and glass fiber reinforced nylon 6.6 cage.

Double row angular contact ball bearing A-the standard design of the bearing with an outer diameter less than or equal to 90 mm, no ball gap, glass fiber reinforced nylon 6.6 cage. E-There is a ball opening on one side of the bearing, which can hold more steel balls, so it has a higher radial and axial load capacity. Spherical roller bearings CAC, ECAC, CA, ECA-these are designed for large-size bearings, and the rollers are symmetrical.

Jiyuan deep groove ball bearing bearings (Bearing) is an important part of the contemporary era. Its main function is to support the mechanical rotating body, reduce its movement during its movement, and ensure its rotation accuracy. Bearing nylon cage, referred to as plastic cage, is a new generation China INA Bearing Manufacturers product that replaces copper cage and iron cage.

Compared with metal cage, it has great advantages: Its light weight makes the bearing more flexible. If it is used in electrical appliances or power consumption products, it has a great effect on energy saving. It has low noise and is the first choice for silent bearings, especially for electrical products with high noise requirements.

Third, it can effectively prolong the service life of the bearing, and the friction between the metal cage and the steel ball is reduced, and the plastic protection has a great effect on extending the service life of the bearing.