The two rows of rollers in the bearing are arranged in a crossed manner

They are held by a seat ring with lubricating oil holes, two shaft washers, a spacer ring and two sets of steel balls.1. Deep groove ball bearings This type of bearing is generally only used to bear radial load. Cylindrical bore bearings are usually hot-mounted to reduce the bearing clearance by using interference fit, or to achieve the purpose of preloading.

As a new structure, it is currently mostly used for spindles such as grinding machines, lathes, boring machines, milling machines, drilling machines, etc. Choosing a suitable spacer height can make the bearing have the required preload after assembly. Above, it is often combined with double row cylindrical roller bearings in use.

For NNU49 series bearings with a separable inner ring, the raceway is generally processed after the inner ring is equipped with a spindle to obtain high spindle rotation accuracy. However, the manufacturing process of this kind of bearing is complicated, and the requirements for the lubrication system of the machine tool are also high, and it is generally only used on the horizontal spindle with special requirements.

Tapered roller bearings can bear radial and axial loads at the same time,Wholesale bearing mechanical and double-row tapered roller bearings can bear two-way axial loads. Hollow tapered roller bearings can use oil to cool the rollers to reduce the temperature rise and increase the allowable speed.

Since the clearance is not adjustable, it is often used in occasions that require low precision and do not need preload, such as ordinary drilling machine spindles., and the rigidity of the main shaft can be improved by pre-tensioning. The two rows of rollers in the bearing are arranged in a crossed manner, the fluctuation frequency during rotation can be doubled compared with the single row bearing, and the amplitude is reduced by 70%. 

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