It can effectively prolong the service life of the bearing

ACD-The contact angle is 25 degrees. B-The contact angle is 40 degrees. CC——The contact angle is 12 degrees. CD-The contact angle is 15 degrees. BE-BE type bearing with a contact angle of 40 degrees, with enlarged steel balls, and glass fiber reinforced nylon 6.6 cage.

Double row angular contact ball bearing A-the standard design of the bearing with an outer diameter less than or equal to 90 mm, no ball gap, glass fiber reinforced nylon 6.6 cage. E-There is a ball opening on one side of the bearing, which can hold more steel balls, so it has a higher radial and axial load capacity. Spherical roller bearings CAC, ECAC, CA, ECA-these are designed for large-size bearings, and the rollers are symmetrical.

Jiyuan deep groove ball bearing bearings (Bearing) is an important part of the contemporary era. Its main function is to support the mechanical rotating body, reduce its movement during its movement, and ensure its rotation accuracy. Bearing nylon cage, referred to as plastic cage, is a new generation China INA Bearing Manufacturers product that replaces copper cage and iron cage.

Compared with metal cage, it has great advantages: Its light weight makes the bearing more flexible. If it is used in electrical appliances or power consumption products, it has a great effect on energy saving. It has low noise and is the first choice for silent bearings, especially for electrical products with high noise requirements.

Third, it can effectively prolong the service life of the bearing, and the friction between the metal cage and the steel ball is reduced, and the plastic protection has a great effect on extending the service life of the bearing.

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